Edmonds Ferry Fares & Tickets

Forget your troubles, hop a ferry and sail away! Edmonds Ferries offer ticket prices that’ll have you itching to get aboard. With fares you won’t find anywhere else, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to set sail with Edmonds Ferries. Read on to find out more and get ready to get on board!

Edmonds Ferry Fares – An Overview

The Edmonds-Kingston ferry route is known for its scenic beauty and smooth sailing experience. If you’re planning a trip across the Puget Sound, it’s important to know the details and prices of Edmonds ferries.

Edmonds Ferry Tickets

Before discussing fares, let’s look at ticket options available to passengers. There are multiple ways to purchase Edmond ferry tickets:

– Online: You can buy tickets online in advance; however, this option does not guarantee priority boarding.

– In-Person: You can purchase walk-on or drive-on ferry tickets at the terminal on the day of your travel.

– Mobile Ticket App: Washington State Ferries has a mobile app that allows users to purchase and show their e-tickets on their smartphones.

Fare Details

Now let’s take a closer look at fares. The cost varies based on passenger type (adults or seniors), vehicle size/type/classification (standard car vs oversize vehicles), peak/offpeak hours, round-trip discounts offered by WSDOT etc.

For standard cars without passengers, one-way fare during peak-hours currently stands around $16 while off-peak rates are around $14 per trip. For groups with 20 or more people traveling together in vehicles that fit under 7’6″ tall x 22 ‘long pay reduced group rates instead of individually priced adult passenger fees ($5 per adult).

Senior citizens qualify for discounted rates which reduce costs by about half compared with non-senior adults when riding during off-peaks hours— making it highly affordable transportation service for retired residents looking forward to exploring new places without breaking their bank accounts!

Fare DescriptionCost
Adult (age 19 – 64)$9.45
Senior (age 65 & over) / Disability$4.70
Youth (age 18 and under)No Charge
Multi-Ride Commuter Card 10 Ride$76.60
WSF Monthly Pass 31 Ride$122.60
Bicycle Surcharge Only (19 and over)$1.00
Vehicle Under 14′ (less than 168”) & Driver$13.55
Vehicle Under 22′ (standard veh) & Driver$17.20
Vehicle U14′ (less than 168″) & Sr/Disability Driver$11.15
Vehicle U22′ (standard veh) & Sr/Disability Driver$14.80
Multi-Ride Commuter Card – Vehicle U14′ & Driver 20 Ride$218.80
Multi-Ride Commuter Card – Vehicle U22′ & Driver 20 Ride$277.20
Motorcycle & Driver$7.45
Motorcycle & Senior/Disability Driver$5.05
Multi-Ride Commuter Card – Motorcycle & Driver 20 Ride$121.20
Vehicle Under 30′ Under 7’2 in.$25.55
Vehicle Under 30′ Over 7’2 in.$50.60
Vehicle Under 40′$67.30
Vehicle Under 50′$84.00
Vehicle Under 60′$100.70
Vehicle Under 70′$117.40
Vehicle Under 80′$134.10
Cost per foot over 80′$1.65
Edmonds Ferry fares
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